Getting The Perfect Side Part

Side Part Haircut Hairstyle

When it comes to men hairstyles, there is nothing out there that is as popular as the age old side part. A classic look for men since it was made popular by Hollywood in the 1980s, the side part remains just as fashionable today, and can add a classy touch to your overall appearance.

Known for its versatility, the side part can work for hair of all types and lengths, but for the best results, short to medium length hair is recommended. While it is possible to pull off a side part with longer hair, keeping the hair in place will be a much bigger hassle.

If you plan to attempt a side part, make sure your hair is suitable for it by first paying your barber a visit. Be sure to ask for a taper haircut, so that the sides of your head will look neat when combed. As for the rest of your hair, a short or medium length haircut will do. While it might be tempting to keep your hair a little more on the long side, remember that the side part is considered classy because of how neat and minimalistic it looks. This is why shorter hair work better for it, as the longer your hair is, the messier you will tend to look.

With the haircut in place, you already have more than half the battle won. The great thing about side parts is the fact that you will be able to style it with majority of hair products available. For the classic flat parted look, opt for a water-based pomade with reasonable hold, such as Mister Pompadaur’s Peppermint Pomade, instead of oil-based ones for a less greasy, cleaner feel.

Only use as much pomade as you need to keep your hair in place, and try starting with a smaller amount and then gradually add in more if required. With the pomade in your hair, use a fine-toothed comb to slick your hair in the direction you desire. Stop at the parting, and comb the rest of your hair in place.

If the classic look seems too one-dimensional for you, try a more modern take on the hairstyle by using pomade, or a wax, and a hairdryer. Instead of simply putting the product into your hair, warm it up on your fingertips with body heat and then part your hair with your fingers while blowdrying everything with the hairdryer. The finished side part will have more volume and texture than the classic side part.

Whether you choose the timeless classic side part, or the modernized variation, the hairstyle is one that will suit almost any man. It is classy, formal, neat, and has an air of total control around it. If it’s popularity over the past few decades is anything to go by, the side part is a hairstyle that is here to stay for the years to come.

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