Hair Styling: Picking The Right Product

The modern man is one who is not merely up to date with the latest in fashion trends, but also puts in the effort to ensure that he is impeccably groomed so that he looks good in every situation. While a well-selected outfit can do wonders in helping a man look his best, a fitting hairstyle can truly make him stand out from the crowd.

The increase in interest in male hair styling has brought about a large variety of products onto store shelves, ranging from traditional ones like gels and waxes, to modernized variations, including pomades and clays. To make the process of selecting the appropriate hair product for you a less intimidating task, here is a guide that will hopefully point you the right way.

Wax, the most popular and versatile of all readily available hair products, is also the most numerous. With hundreds of different brands offering several types of wax of their own, each container boasts its own perks, such as the level of hold and shine. Designed with shine in mind, wax ensures that your hair stays in place and does not harden up like gel, allowing you to restyle your hair throughout the day. Due to the large amount of waxes available in the market today, it is difficult to associate a single type of wax to a hair type, but the level of hold and shine is typically displayed on the packaging to make things easier. Waxes are generally petroleum or oil-based, meaning that wax should only be used on dry hair since oil and water do not mix.

Similar to waxes in terms of shine, pomade can be considered an extension of wax. Pomade initially started off as an oil-based product that allows restyling of hair multiple times, but has since evolved to water and petroleum based variants. Water-based pomades harden up much more than petroleum-based ones, but both work as effectively as each other. By simply adding some water, your hair can be restyled at any time. Pomades can be considered for professional classic looks, such as slick backs. Unlike waxes, pomades work best with slightly wet hair, allowing you to spread the pomade evenly through your hair before styling.

Clay, also an extension of wax, provides an extremely strong hold with a matte finish, perfect for men with thicker hair. As with wax and pomades, clay is becoming increasingly popular and each brand offers its own unique effect.

We may have waxes, pomades and clays to style our hair with nowadays, but let us not forget the hair product that has been around for the longest – gels. Likely the first hair product any guy would have used, gel offers a slick, wet look, and works best with short hair. Gels come with different holds, and can be strong enough for men with thick hair as well. However, gels are losing its popularity these days with the newer, more modern products in the market.

Fibres, also known as muds, work similar to clay and will result in a matte finish, but what sets it a part is the extreme texture it can give to styled hair.

Lastly, we have hair spray, which has long been used as a finishing product to give additional hold, and depending on the type of spray, can give more or less shine to your hair, depending on your preference.

These are the products at your disposal for creating the hairstyle that suits you best. The differences between the products may slowly be getting less obvious due to the unique takes each brand has for their products. If a product does not give you the desired effect you are looking for, do not be discouraged, as finding the right one for you is a process of trial and error. Patience is key, and with a little bit of time, you will eventually find something that works for you.

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