Hard Water Pomade Kit


Get all three products including the Hard Water Pomade, Shampoo & Conditioner from Baxter of California and save with this sweet deal!

Hard Water Pomade


Infused with elastic fibers, this firm-hold, water-based styling product provides shape, shine and all-day definition. Being water based, it is incredibly easy to wash off during a shower. Baxter of California pomades can be cocktailed and matched to achieve a multitude of hair styles.

Daily Protein Shampoo

Enhanced with nutrients, the shampoo for men features a refreshing mint scent. Best used with the Daily Protein Conditioner.

Nutrients and protein improves hair strength, volume, and control. The shampoo prevents buildup and natural toxins like DHT, a male hormone proven to be damaging to the hair’s natural growth cycle.

Daily Moisturising Conditioner

Nutrient-enriched conditioner for men featuring a mild mint scent.

Moisturises¬†and rebuilds the hair with protein-packed formula. Natural ingredients¬†and vitamins promote strong control over hair, counteracts dryness and¬†a natural shine finish–without compromising on¬†hair volume. Best used with the¬†Daily Protein Shampoo.

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